W Steel Cup -1

Held on the River Stour

                                                        Sunday 16 January 2022

13 anglers turned up on a beautiful fresh but sunny morning and with hard frosts all week most anglers thoughts were about catching chub and possibly dace and that was what the winning weights showed at the weigh in at the end of the match.  The Results were:

1st place was Barry Giles with11lb 04oz. He caught big chub on bread and fished from Honington.
2nd place was Pete Kilbride with 10lb 04oz. He  also caught chub and fished from Honington.  
3rd place = was Baz Barnes with 9lb. He also caught chub and fished from Shipston. 
3rd place = was Stuart Fleming with9lb of dace and roach from the Sports club.
5th place was Les Ashby with 5lb 14oz of chub also from the Sports club.


                                          Les Ashby                      Stuart Fleming

Shipston A.C/ADDAC 1st Round

Held at Aston Magna

                                                        Sunday 09 January 2022
 This was a close run round with very few fish feeding due to the overnight frost and the cold water coming into the pools.  The results were:

1st place was John Walkden with 10lb 02oz.
2nd place was Peter Kilbride with 5lb 10oz.
3rd place was Stuart Fleming with 5lb 04oz.
With 3 rounds left to go and the next round at Clifford Chambers in a fortnight it's all set for another close match.


                                   John Walkden                                 Graham Finch

23rd Stour Open

Held On The River Stour

                                                        Saturday 01 January 2022

1st place was Brian Pallett (Newbury) with 14lb 04oz 08drms, he caught chub, dace, roach and gudgeon from Shipston Sports club.
2nd place was Trevor Chalk (Evesham Sensas) with a similar catch of 14lb.
3rd place was Peter Kilbride (Shipston) with 11lb 09oz at Honington.
4th place was Baz Barnes (Shipston) with 9lb 15oz from Willington. 

Section winners were:
Les Ashby 5lb 03oz from Shipston Bridge.
Jim Wiltshire 9lb 15oz from Wilington.
Adrian  Griffin 6lb 5oz from Honington.
Dave Dowland 6lb 04oz from Honington bridge. 

The club raised £53 for the junior anglers on the raffle.

                                 Trevor Chalk                   Les Ashby

Chairmans Report
Dave Oxford
For Year 2020 - 2021

1.  2021 still had problems with the COVID epidemic in the early months of the year. With match officials drawing pegs the night before the match. Monthly committee meetings have been run using the zoom system on computers at home, until the autumn when we returned to our normal venue at the Coach and Horses. Unfortunately, a new virus has spread into the country so this could affect our fishing next year.

2.  Club membership has dropped by 30 members since last year. This was expected as the increase the previous year was due to COVID 19.

3.  A lot of work has been done by members at the lakes at Aston Magna. The middle lake was drained and desilted and a much larger island was formed. It was netted and it was found to have had very few fish in the lake. This is now being refilled and stocked with Roach, Rudd Skimmers and Tench. Work will be done in 2022 repositioning the pegs. The match lake was fished reasonably well the matches have been with Bream the Carp did not show until autumn. The car park was fished well all season with Roche, Rudd, Tench, Bream and small Carp being caught.

4.  Bank clearing and general maintenance have been done to all sections of the river. Unfortunately, we have lost a small section of the river Stour towards Willington.

 5.  The charity Duck Race had to be cancelled again, although the live bands and entertainment went ahead for the Fish n Frolics 3-day festival. The winner after three days fishing was Colin parry.

6.  The Peter Jackson trophy for club pensioners was fished during spring and summer at Aston Magna. Les Haines was this year’s trophy winner.

7.  Shipston matches were again well supported by members although the weights were well down on previous years. Matches at Boddington (twice) and Meadowlands which are normally won with well over 100 pounds only produced 40lb to 60lb this year.

8.  The match fished at Bourton on the Water provided several large Bream Colin Barrett won with 71 pounds and Malcolm Allinson was second with 65lb.

9.  The Cotswold cup was run by Shipston this year and we decided to fish at Clanfield on the river River Thames again. Unfortunately, we didn't do as well as last year and finished second to Burford.

10.  We entered a team in a Bait Tec knockout competition. We were drawn away to Team Maggot at Tunnel Barn. We drew with them on points but lost to them on weight.

11.  The WACFAC match which is normally fished at the car park lake at Aston Magna was switched to a ADDAC waters at Clifford Chambers because of floating leaves at Aston. I myself won the match with 160lb of Carp and Barbel.

12.  Shipston came second in the Stratford Winter League. Kenny Watts won the individual trophy.

13.  Unfortunately, Stratford tackled dealer Dabber Jones died recently.  On behalf of the committee, I would like to thank his family for the £300.00 pounds donated to the Shipston Junior Anglers.

14.  I hope that 2022 will be a lot more settled, although I have my doubts. I would like to thank all members for their help and work during 2021.  The committee would like to wish all its members a safe and enjoyable Christmas and New Year.

G Crump Cup

Held On The River Stour

                                                        Sunday 12 Dec 2021

The river Stour was up and rising due to the overnight rain and the rain from the previous week but the mild weather meant a few fish were caught on the day. The results Were:

1st Place was Stuart Fleming with 11lb 12oz of chub, dace and roach.

2nd Place was Peter Morgan with 7lb 11oz.

3rd Place was Dave  Dowland with 6lb 06oz.

       Stuart Fleming                        Dave Dowland                                      Leas Ashby

Halford Shield

Held On The River Stour

                                                         Sunday 05 Dec 2021

 Here is the result and report from yesterday's contest on the river Stour.

Bites were few and far between and although not a lot of fish were caught the ones that were well they made up for it. Decent chub and roach were caught.  The results were:

1st Place was Barry Giles with 6lb 10oz.

2nd = was Pete Morgan and Stuart Fleming both weighed in 4lb 11oz.

                Barry Giles                            Stuart Fleming                           Peter Morgan

 L White Shield

Held at Bourton On The Water

Saturday 21 August 2021

 Two or three big catches of Bream made up the top three anglers of the day.  The results were:

1st Place was Colin Barratt with 71lb 04oz of bream.

2nd place was Malcolm Allinson with 64lb 10oz of Bream.

3rd place was Justin Pritchard with 42lb 06oz of bream. 

                 Colin Barrett                 Malcolm Allinson                    Justin Pritchard

Simon Slowther Cup

Held on the River Avon at Warwick

Saturday 14 August 2021

The river Avon is a cracking stretch behind Tescos. The talk before the match was 6lb should be enough to get in the top 3 as the river was low and clear, well that was true to form and many struggled.  The Results Were:

1st place was Stuart Fleming with 7lb 14oz and 8 drams.

2nd place was Les Ashby with 6lb 02oz.

3rd place was Rob Oakey with 4lb 14oz.

                  Stuart Fleming                         Les Ashby                                  Colin Barratt

Colin Barratt Cup-3

Held at Boddington Reservoirs

Saturday 07 August 2021

This match was split into two sections,  the Dam wall and Boat house side 10 anglers on each side, the weather forecast was storms but thankfully we missed the worst of the rain but the fishing was definitely affected and many good anglers struggled to catch the carp that we normally do from this reservoir.  The top 2 weights came from the Boat house side of the lake.  The results were:

1st place was Martin Hinton with 70lb 08oz.

2nd place was Stuart Fleming with 66lb 10oz.

3rd place was Gary Didcock with 60lb 08oz.

4th place was Pete Hill with 44lb.



                                                                     Stuart Fleming

Fish N Frolics Open Competition

Held at Aston Magna, River Stour and The River Avon

Friday 23 - Sunday 25 July 2021

The matches were very close with not many big weights.  With so many matches we won't go through them all, but Colin Perry won with 3 points and best combined river weights.  The full results are below:

Newbury Challenge-1

Held on the Newbury Canal

Saturday 03 July 2021

This was the first match between Newbury and Shipston angling club and it was away on the canal. 

On a steaming hot day we were all praying for shade and thankfully most of us were under cover of the trees that lined the towpath.  It was a great win for Shipston taking all three top 3 spots and the rest of the team backed up the weights for a convincing win.  The return match later in the year on the river Stour will most likely be a more closer run match.

                            Mick Belgrave 2nd in the  match and Ian Harris (left)who came 3rd          

Colin Barratt Cup-2

Held on the River Avon Brook

Saturday 03 July 2021

Some cracking chub was caught and a double figure barble was landed during torrential rain and thunder storms. The results were:

1st place was Stuart Fleming with 17lb of chub and dace.

2nd place was Rob Oakey with 14lb 05oz and included a whopping 11lb 05oz barble.

3rd place was Colin Barratt with 12lb 10oz of chub.

                Stuart Fleming                        Rob Oakey                      Colin Barrett


Claridge Cup

Help at Addlestrop

Saturday 26 June 2021


this match is always a tricky one with the bream and tench always hard to catch with lilly pads and weed almost everywhere.  most anglers caught small perch, roach and rudd.  The rsults were:

1st place was Phil Outram with 8lb 10oz, he managed to catch both a bream

2nd place was Peter Kilbride with 7lb 12oz.

3rd place was Pete Hill with 5lb 05oz.

                    Phil Outram                 Peter Kilbride                               Pete Hill

                                                           Colin Barrett Cup
                                                      Held At Meadow Lands
                                                       Saturday 19 June 2021

A good turnout of 23 anglers for the match and high expectations of plenty of carp to catch at the start of the contest. Things didn't go to plan as most of the carp were at the other end of the lake.   M
ost of the fish caught on the day were skimmer bream, roach, rudd and perch.  The results were:
1st Place was Nigel Thornicroft with 23lb 04z.
2nd Place was Les Ashby with 22lb 08oz.
3rd Place was Mick Belgrave with 19lb.

                Mick Belgrave         Phil Outram               Stuart Fleming