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Club membership  runs from the 1st June to 31st May each year.  We currently have around 200 members.

We have  an exciting and extensive  list of club waters.  In association with ADDAC and Stratford on Avon AA, whose members can also fish this water, we have secured the fishing rights to the River Avon below Severn Meadows Bridge, Pegs 1 to 51 at the racecourse.

The club also retains its traditional 7 stretches on the River Stour totalling approximately 4 miles of riverbank. Some of the stretches are adjacent to each other but are named differently due to their differing entry points. The majority of fishing is for coarse fish, the major species being Chub and Roach, but there are also Dace, Gudgeon, Perch, Eels, Pike and the occasional Carp and Tench. A good Stour Chub would be 3 1/2 lb and each year a few 1lb Roach and Perch are caught.

Trout are present in a couple of the higher stretches where the water is fishable with the fly in April and May, when there is a small Mayfly hatch, but after that weed growth makes it difficult. Some members have also been experimenting with Tenkara fly fishing techniques in some of the other stretches.

Whilst the majority of members are pleasure anglers there is an active match section fishing an average of 13 away matches and 20 home matches each year. The away matches are on a variety of match venues around the area, like Napton, Meadowlands, Boddington and Earlswood as well as other river venues at Hampton Lucy and Barford.

In more recent years the Club has undertaken a lot of work at our Railway Cutting Lakes at Aston Magna to bring them back from dereliction. Significantly more water is now available to fish. Over 1,000lb of additional fish were stocked into the Bottom lake and in the summer of 2010 the Middle lake was drained and desilted. In spring 2011 this water was restocked and has since been providing great sport with silver fish. The main lake also now has fishing positions all the way around and provides excellent fishing with Carp, Rudd, Tench and the occasional Chub and Roach.

The summer of 2012, saw significant levels of effort being put into the Top Lake, which was very overgrown and contained a fallen tree.  All of this was removed and the water level raised. The water was restocked with more silver fish in the following winter and fished well through 2013.  In early 2014 a large shoal of small bream were also added to this lake to improve it's year-round capabilities. Spring 2015 saw the introduction of 140 new tench to a couple of the lakes and we're hoping these will grow on well in the next couple of seasons. In December 2015 more carp were stocked into the Bottom Lake following an Autumn of major reworking of the water, which has increased both the fishable area and the depth of the water.

The three lakes are located in a secluded and sheltered wood with plenty of wildlife that has been spotted including badgers and roe deer. 

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