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11th May

This was the fourth and the final round of the Aston Magna Tankard series and the overall winner was Les Ashby with 6 points. He had to win on the day to guarantee his dominance in the league and he did it that easily with 28 lb 10 oz that was nearly 9 lbs more than second place Steve Arthurs.

Section winners were Pete Hill with 12 lb 13 oz, Kenny Watts with 7 lb 10 oz and Baz Barnes with 18 lb.

 Baz Barnes pink hat and Simon Slowther  stripes on shirt.


Next Sunday is the Great Duck race at Shipston Bridge, over 1000 ducks and entertainment, Always a good afternoon

duckrace2024-Roadsign on white (2)!.jpeg
S Slowther.jpg
B BARnes.jpg
purple hat.jpg
20th. April  

Saturday's match, this was the third round of the Aston Magna Tankard series held on all three of Aston Magna pools.And the last round looks to be a cracker with only 3 points between the leader at the moment who is Les Ashby on 5 points and 7 other anglers who are in with a chance of winning the 2024 Tankard.The outright winner on the day and top in the A section was Andy Bruce who caught 14 lb and second place and top in the B section was Gary Didcock with 11 lb 04 Oz, the other section winner was Baz Barnes with 3 lb 09 oz.

13th April

Here is the result from the Shipston-on-Stour Angling Club match from Boddington and two phenomenal weights of roach      took the top spots. Baz Barnes won with 58 lb 08 oz and Steve Arthurs came second with 58 lb 06 oz.

This was the first time a long time that it didn't rain which was nice.

6th April
Saturday's second round match of the Aston Magna Tankard series and again the midweek rain had an impact on the weights with all the cold water running into the pools but it stayed dry for the first time for ages albeit a tad breezy.  

The overall winner was Gary Didcock  who weighed in 10 lb 06 oz and  Pete Hill who came second with 8 lb, section winners were Les Ashby a Stuart Fleming with exactly the same weight of 6 lb 09 oz, Malcolm Barnes with 5 lb 12 oz and Donald Barnes with 5 lb 14 oz.

The league is still very tight at the half way stage.

Photos are Les Ashby grey top and Stuart Fleming in the red top, my match was standard as it's now three times from the same peg virtually with the same result loads of silvers and one chub, but I did loose a chub that put up a right old tussle before snagging me up stage.

25th March
The result from Sunday's Shipston-on-Stour Angling Club match at Aston Magna which saw 19 anglers competing in the first round of the Aston Magna Tankard, and this time we had to endure rain, hailstones, bitterly cold wind mixed in with bright dazzling sun at times.


The overall winner was Bryan Morgan with 13 lb 14 oz, second place was Donald Barnes with 8 lb 13 oz, section winners were Andy Bruce  4 lb 06 oz, Peter Morgan 8 lb 08 oz and Stuart Fleming with 6 lb 03 oz.

The next round is Saturday 6th April.


Photos with permission are  Stuart Fleming in blue jacket, Simon Slowther in the red fleece and Colin Barratt black fleece.

photo 1.jpg
Photo 3.jpg
Photo 2.jpg

27th Stour Open on Saturday 2nd March

This rearranged Stour Open match at Aston Magna, unfortunately due to the deluge of rain overnight the match had to be moved from the river to the pools at Aston Magna where 14 anglers fished. It was decided split the match over the three pools to mix it up a bit  and see how it goes.


Peter Morgan won with 8 lb 08 oz and Baz Barnes came second with 8 lb 3 Oz.

 Stuart Fleming had a section win with 7 lb 02 oz 08 drams and that included a 2 lb 10 oz chub. 

If the river is fishable next Sunday then we will organise a scramble seeing as we couldn't fish it Saturday but will wait and see before making the decision.


Photos attached with permission, Baz Barnes, Stuart Fleming and Donald Barnes .


27th Stour Open on Saturday 2nd March

A great end to the Four match series on Aston Magna and Clifford Chambers pools on the joint Shipston & ADDAC WINTER LEAGUE, first spot was already won by Tony Avery but the other places could have gone anyway.

John Walkden won at Aston with 8 lb 07 oz and claimed second overall and I came second with 5 lb 11 oz also at Aston Magna and took third place in the league.

Adrian Icke won at Clifford Chambers with 38 lb 13 oz, James Yates had 35 lb and came second and Peter Morgan was third with 33 lb 01 oz. Thanks to all that fished and Martyn Edwards for the prizes. 

18th February 2014

Sunday's club match was switched from the river to Aston Magna due to the flooding and with most of the roads either blocked or looking like rivers it was amazing that we even got to the venue but 12 anglers did and we managed to hold a match.

 Peter Morgan won the match with 6 lb 09 oz, Gary Didcock came second with 5 lb 08oz 08 drams and Steve Arthurs came third with 5 lb 05 Oz.

Photos with permission are Peter Morgan with white cap and Steve Arthurs with blue jacket 


28th  January 2024

The results from yesterday's joint  Shipston/ ADDAC Winter league.

 Michael Belgrave won at Clifford Chambers with 49 lb 03 oz, Ian Harris second with 48 lb 09 oz and Steve Harris third with 36 lb 08 oz.

Tony Avery won at Aston Magna with 3 lb 15 oz, John Walkden was second with 2 lb 06 oz and Peter Kilbride was third with 2 lb 04 oz. 

This was the second round of this tightly contested league and the competition is hotting up with two pools fishing hard and catching fish was tricky on a really tough day.


Photos with permission are attached.

Tony Avery  blue hat, Mick Belgrave no hat and Ian Harris Green jacket holding carp.

PXL_20240128_153424186 (1).jpg

21st  January 2024

Sunday's club match, this was the second round of the Walter Steele league and young James Yates won the league a day before his 18th birthday, so he beat the more senior anglers with a combined first and third place. Well done to him.


Yesterday's Shipston ac Match was on the River Stour and it was a tad windy but luckily the rain stayed off until after the match.

Luke Mason won with 6 lb, Baz Barnes was second with 5 lb 11 oz and James Yates came third with 5 lb 5 oz. It was good to see the dace being caught along the stretch.

Photos with permission are Luke Mason with grey hat and blue jacket, Baz Barnes white cap and black gillett and James Yates no hat ,blue jacket.


14th  January 2024

The result from Sunday's joint pool match organised by Shipston and ADDAC angling clubs on Aston Magna and Clifford Chambers.


This was the First round of the Shipston-on-Stour and District Angling Club & ADDAC Winter pool league. The contest started well for myself ( Stuart Fleming) at Clifford Chambers as I started catching carp from the start and lucky for me that good start was enough to win the match as it was starting to edge away in the closing stages with others starting to catch carp late in the match and close the gap. Great weights considering the recent cold spell.

The weights were extremely good with my first place 53 lb 06 oz then Tony Avery next with 45 lb 06 oz then Tony Hunt third with 42 lb 10 oz and John Walkden fourth with 41 lb 15 oz.


Aston Magna fished harder as expected with the pool more affected by the winter weather and was won by Andy Bruce also made up of carp with 9 lb 08oz, second was Pete Hill with 5 lb 03 oz third was Simon Slowther with 3 lb 14 oz and fourth was Ian Harris with 3 lb 09 oz.

Well done to all that fished, next round match in two weeks.

Photos attached are Stuart Fleming with blue seatbox behind me , Tony Avery with Bobble hat, John Walkden  Green jacket  and Tony Hunt blue jacket.


7th  January 2024


Shipston ac Match which was switched from the river Stour to Aston Magna pool and with the drop in temperature along with all the extra cold water from the recent storms expectations of catching fish was low. 


The temperature dropped during the match which didn't help but some carp surprisingly were caught but not many other fish showed.

Young James Yates had his first win of the year catching two carp for 9 lb 04 oz, Stuart Fleming came second with one decent carp of 5 lb 13 oz and Colin Barratt continued his consistent form of framing with 3 lb 12 oz.


Photos with permission are James Yates with his two carp, Stuart Fleming with one carp and Colin Barratt in the green jacket.



1st January 2024


Saturday should have been the 24th Upper Stour Open but the match was switched to Aston Magna pool due to the weather and flight oded river. So ten of us fished on what wasn't such a bad day but still rough and wet.

The Lazy Pug did a great breakfast as always which is a good start and  I drew peg 15 which wouldn't have been my first choice but armed with a load of bait I thought kill the swim or bring it to life as the weights were close for half the match so I fed the swim heavily . Luckily my swim had a few carp in so it wasn't long before I caught a few and my 14 lb 06 oz was enough to win the match. Simon Slowther came second with a carp of 4 lb 01 oz and Steve Arthurs  and Phil Outram both had the section wins.

Photos with permission are myself with net of carp and Simon Slowther with the single carp.


Cheers and a Happy New Year 

Christmas Cup

Held on the River Stour

                                                        Sunday 17 December 2023
    18 fished everyone caught fish.  The day started with a cracking breakfast at the Lazy Pug, I ate a lot of black pudding which kept appearing on my plate and that was a perfect start . I also had a great match for a change at the Sports club and weighed in 8 lb 05 oz of mainly dace with a couple of small chub and came nowhere in the match but had a great day.   The results were:

    1st place was Steve Arthurs with 15 lb 04 oz.
    2nd place was Baz Barnes with 14 lb 03 oz.
    3rd place was Tony Avery with 11lb 07 oz.
    Section winners were Paul Lambert, Les Ashby Barry Giles and Gary Didcock.
    Well done guys some great weights on a fine fishing river.

        Luke Mason             Stuart Fleming                 Baz Barnes                         Les Ashby

Halford Hill Shield

Held on the River Stour

                                                        Sunday 03 December 2023
    It was a very wet day with persistent rain and a freezing cold river but some anglers caught chub and dace whilst others struggled to get bites.  The results were:
    1st place was 
Barry  Giles who had a cracking match with 10 lb 9 oz.
    2nd place was Stuart Fleming who was joint second with Steve Arthurs with 7 lb.

    It was nice to see an egret which seemed  happy in the river all through the match.

                            White Egret                                            Barry Giles

Stratford Winter League - 3

Held Clifford Chambers & Monks Barn River Avon

                                                        Sunday 19 November 2023

    The Last round of the ADDAC / Shipston angling club Autumn Winter league at Clifford Chambers and Monksbarn Farm and it fished hard, the two nights of frost definitely made it difficult for lots of us.

    This made for an interesting match with a few of us not catching and I never had a single bite all day which could have cost the team the league but with Kenny Watts winning B section with 1 lb and Nigel Davis coming joint first in his D section with Peter Morgan Both caught 3 lb 01 oz and Les Ashby coming second in C section with 4 lb 15 oz behind Graham Finch with Top weight of 10 lb 09 oz, we luckily ended up with 21 points on the day which kept the three points advantage from the previous match.

    So I have to thank my three team mates for the combined points hence the" plus 1"

    It finished Shipston-on-Stour and District Angling Club Superteam winners, ADDAC ,

Amigos,Welford, Shipston Gold and GKW in that order.

Well done to All who fished, it's been great fun.

Stratford Winter League - 3

Held Clifford Chambers & Monks Barn River Avon

                                                        Sunday 19 October 2023

    This was the penultimate match in the ADDAC/Shipston angling club Autumn / Winter 4 man- team league on the river Stour.   It was a match that nearly didn't happen due to the speed that the river rose on Friday night and Saturday but down to some last minute pegging out and a vote by the match anglers to fish the match on the river and the result was, it was On.

We all knew from the start it would be hard fishing but it made for a close match.

    The overall Winner of the match & section A winner was Graham Finch (ADDAC) with 2 lb 10 oz of eels, section B was won by Graham Wheeler ( Shipston Gold ), with 12 .08 oz, section C was won by Tony Avery (ADDAC) with 1 lb 15 oz and section D winner was Nigel Davis ( Shipston Superteam) with 1 lb 05 oz. 
    Shipston Superteam still lead going into the last match with 68 points, ADDAC are second with 65 points, Amigos next with 54 points, Welford 47 points, Shipston Gold 44 points and GKW on 36 points.

    It was good to see that the anglers voted to fish an out of sorts river, it just goes to show that we still have some ardent river anglers that are prepared to fish under extreme conditions no matter what.

                                                                                                 Graham Finch

Stratford Winter League - 2

Held Clifford Chambers & Monks Barn River Avon

                                                        Sunday 15 October 2023
    Yesterday's day's second round of the ADDAC & Shipston-on-Stour and District Angling Club Autumn/Winter league team event was switched from the river to the pools at Clifford Chambers and Aston Magna..

    The winners at Aston were Kenny Watts (Shipston Superteam) with 17 lb 11 oz and Andy Bruce (ADDAC) with 9 lb. 

    The winners at Clifford Chambers were Tony Avery (ADDAC) with 54 lb 08 oz and Les Ashby (Shipston Superteam )with 32 lb 10 oz.

    Shipston Superteam now has 45 points,  ADDAC has 42 points, Amigos 36, Welford 33, Shipston Gold 30 and GKW 28.





  Tony Avery           Krister Nobes        James Yates            Dan Adams           Leon Truscott

J Bryan Cup

Held at Bourton on The Water Lake

                                                        Sunday 29 October 2023
    24 anglers fished, after all the rain that we've had over the previous week the level was up and we were all anticipating a tough days fishing but the bream fed on certain pegs and whilst many of us struggled there were still some good weights caught.  The results were:

    1st place was  Adrian Icke with 39 lb 10 oz on his first trip to the lake.
    2nd place was John Walkden with 35 lb 15 oz also a first time there.
    3rd place was Gary Didcock with 34 lb 03 oz.
    4th place was Dave Hudson with 31 lb.

                                                                                              John Walkden

Stratford Winter League - 1

Held Clifford Chambers & Monks Barn River Avon

                                                        Sunday 15 October 2023
    Today's first round of the ADDAC & Shipston AC Winter league went ahead and the river was dropping but still high and coloured. 

    The overnight frost, first of the year meant the fishing was always going to be tough but everyone caught fish.  Section winners were Luke Mason (Amigos) 4 lb 05 oz, Graham Finch (ADDAC) 1 LB 1 oz, Les Ashby (SuperTeam ) 6 lb 01 oz and Kenny Watts ( Super Team ) 1 lb 01 oz      Shipston Super Team are in the lead with 22 points and ADDAC just a point behind on 21 Amigos & Shipston gold joint on 17, Welford on 16 and GKW on 13. All can change next week.

                             Andy Bruce                                  Barry Giles

Help for Heroes Match

Held at Newbury Canal

                                                        Sunday 01 October 2023
    Yesterday a group of from Shipston AC attended the Annual HELP FOR HEROES match hosted by Newbury AC and as always it was well organised by Dave Smith and his crew and I think that the event raised a good amount for such a good cause.

    Out of our group were several section winners Simon Slowther , Gary Didcock , Connor Parsons , Colin Barratt & Peter Morgan .

    Well done Dave Chandler from Newbury who Won on the day and Graham and Colin 2nd and 3rd.

 Top row from left to right: Gary Didcock, Simon Slowther, Peter Morgan, James Yates and Connor Parsons,

Bottom left to right: Colin Barratt, Graham Wheeler and Luke Mason.

James Yates.jpg

Shipston AC "v" Newbury AC

Held on the Stour at Clifford Chambers and Monks Barn

                                                        Sunday 17 September 2023
   This was the 2nd round on the Stour at Clifford Chambers and Monks Barn Farm.

    Newbury won with top spot going to Newbury angler Dave Smith with 7lb 09oz, Byron Yates who fished for Newbury for the day came second with 7lb 01oz, Stuart Fleming came third with 5 lb 15 oz and young Connor Parsons came fourth with 5 lb 12 oz.

    So this event which is just a bit of fun between the two clubs but still competitive saw the two match series tied which generally happens. The river fished really well with loads of silver fish caught, the bigger fish were present on most pegs but not feeding, the catch of the day was from Connor who caught well on the stick float with very little flow on the river.

    Next time we fish at Newbury will be the Help For Heroes match on 1st October, the peg fees from this match were kindly donated from this match to H4H's from ADDAC a great gesture on the day.

    Well done to All that fished over the two days.



           Dave Smith                  Connor Parsons               Byron Yates               Stuart Fleming

Cotswold Cup

Held at Boddington Reservoir

                                                        Sunday 10 September 2023

    Good result for Shipston ac with a much deserved win and retain the cup for another year.

    The annual Cotswold cup was this year  at Boddington reservoir and after seven days of extreme heat we prepared for a hard tight match and that is how it panned out with the better weights at the far end of the reservoir as we predicted.

    The team put in an astounding job on the day and kept to the game plan.

    Steve Beard was the overall Winner for Shipston with 11 carp and weighed in 129lb  and another noteable result from young James Yates who  came third out of 40 anglers catching five carp for 65 lb 05 oz ,Well done to them and the rest of the team who all picked up decent points on the day

    Shipston AC won, Moreton AC second, Burford AC third and Norgren AC fourth.

                                         Steve Beard                              James Yates

Phil Outram, Andy Wheildon, Les Ashby, Gary Didcock, Stuart Fleming (Captain), Simon Slowther, James Yates, Pete Morgan, Steve King (Steward), Aidy Icke, Steve Beard.

L White Shield

Held at Bourton-on-the-Water Lake

                                                        Saturday 19 August 2023

    22 anglers fished and the big weights were spread out mostly on the usual areas where they are normally caught.  The results were:

    1st place was Andrew Wheildon with 43 lb 05 oz of bream
    2nd place was Bryan Morgan with 39 lb 14 oz.
    3rd place was Andy Bruce with 36 lb 12.
    4th place was Dave Hudson with 26 lb 07 oz.


                Andy Wheildon                  Rob Oakey                          Phil Outram

F Smith Travel Cup

Held at Meadowlands Lake

                                                        Saturday 26 August 2023
    18 fished and there were some cracking weights.  The results were:

    1stplace was Peter Kilbrid with 191lb 12oz.

    2nd place was John Walkden with 173 lb 10 oz.

    3rd place was Simon Slowther with 136 lb 08 oz.

    James Yates followed up his previous win at Boddington with another 100 lb plus weight.

                                              James Yates                     Colin Barratt

Colin Barratt Cup - 3

Held at Boddington Reserviour

                                                        Saturday 05 August 2023

    It was rather wild wet and windy day and not good for fishing with waves that felt  like we were sea fishing!!  Some carp did show from certain pegs.  The results were:
    1st place was James Yates with 109 lb 14 Oz (pb)
    2nd place was Dave Hudson second 94lb 04 oz.
    3rd place was Pete Hill with 70lb 12oz.

   Two carp over twenty pounds were caught with Colin Barratt catching a 22lb carp and Stuart Fleming catching one at 21 lb 08 Oz.

                       Pete Hill                              Stuart Fleming                        Steve Harris

Junior Competition Results

Held at Aston Magna

                                                        Sunday 30 July 2023

    The first ever FnF match was won by James Yates, All 11 of the young anglers fished on the same pool at Aston Magna and all caught fish. James caught 4lb 05 oz. 

    The second match was won by Dylan Harvey with 3 lb 10 oz so therefore cup was won by James.


                                                                        Group Photo and James Yates Winner

Fish 'n' Frolics Competition Results

Held at Aston Magna, River Stour & Avon

                                                        Friday 21 July - Sunday 23 July 2023


















































Colin Barratt Cup - 2

Held at the River Avon The Brook

                                                        Saturday 08 Jul 2023

    13 fished and dodged the storms but absolutely got soaked weighing in, luckily everyone caught fish. It was good to see plenty of small fish along the whole stretch with some nice chub and perch caught.  The results were:

    1st place was Andy Bruce with 17 lb 10 oz from a peg that wasn't fishable the day before.  
    2nd place was Stuart Fleming  with 17 lb 09 oz.
    3rd place was Les Ashby with 16 lb 03 oz.

                                            Andy Bruce                   Stuart Fleming

AC Claridge Cup

Held at Addlestrop

                                                        Saturday 24 June 2023

    Here are the results:

    1st place was Simon Slowther with a couple of nice bream for 7 lb 04 oz.

    2nd place was Adrian Icke with 5 lb 02 oz of perch.

    3rd place was Phil Outram with 4 lb 15 oz of rudd & roach.



                                 Simon Slowther                      Adrian Icke

Colin Barratt Cup - 1

Held at Meadowland

                                                        Saturday 17 June 2023

    21 anglers fished the deeps and the first section had the big weights as predicted at the draw.  The rsults were:

    1st place was Robert Oakey with 201 lb.

    2nd place was Les Ashby with 142 lb.

    3rd place was Simon Slowther with 136.08 Oz.

                              Dave Dowland                           Andy Wheildon

Funeral of Shirley Allinon, Wife of our Memebership Secretary

Held at St Edmunds Church Shipston On Stour 

                                                        Thursday 15 June 2023

K Eastbury Pairs Match

Held at Aston Magna 

                                                        Saturday 03 June 2023

    Shipston's first club match was the pairs match and a convincing win for Malcolm Barnes winning with 15 lb 03 oz and combined with Pete Hill's 6 lb 01 oz for 21 lb 04 oz that was enough for the pairs trophy.  A good turnout of 17 anglers,  Individual Results were:

    1st Place was Malcolm Barnes with 15lbs 03Ozs.

     2nd place was Steve Arthur's with 10 lb 01 ozs.

    3rd place was Kenny Watts with 9 lb 14 ozs.









                    Malcolm Barnes                  Kenny Watts                      Steve Arthur's

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