J Bryan Cup

Held at Borton On The Water Lake

                                                        Sunday 30 October 2022

    18 fished this well known pool and some big bream, tench and roach were caught.  Results were:

    1st place was Steve Aston with 35lb 11oz.

    2nd place was Les Ashby with 25lb 11oz.

    3rd place was Steve Harris with 24lb 12oz.


                                Steve Aston                                           Les Ashby

KP Eastbury Cup

Held on the River Stour

                                                        Sunday 16 October 2022

    The river has still got very little flow and is low for the time of year but the weights in this match were good.  The results were:

    1st place was Luke Mason caught with 9lb 15oz of chub dace and rudd.
    2nd place was Stuart Fleming with 6lb 08oz with mainly dace and chublets.
    3rd place was Barry Giles with  6lb 02oz.

                             Luke Mason                               Stuart Fleming

Help for Heroes Match

Held the Canal at Newbury 

                                                        Sunday 02 October 2022

     This was the annual match on the canal, a great turnout of 31 anglers fished it, 9 of Shipston ac fished it. Shipston anglers did well with two in the top three.  Peter Morgan (Shipston ac) came second overall with 7lb plus and Stuart Fleming (Shipston ac)won his section and third in the match with 6lb 09oz catching a mixed bag of skimmers, perch, roach and even a small tench.  Thanks to Dave Smith who organised the day and Newbury ac for making us so welcome and Hopefully a lot of money was raised for this great cause.

                                                      Stuart Fleming & Pete Morgan

Honnnigton Shield

Held on the River Stour

                                                        Saturday 25 September2022

    With the river still very low and in desperate need of a flush through the fishing has not really got into it's full autumn swing yet and the fish showed in short bursts. This match was extremely close with only ounces between the top three weights.  The results were:
    1st place was Austin Dawe with 4lb 12oz.
    2nd place was Pete Morgan 4lb 10oz.
    3rd place was was Stuart Fleming 4lb 08oz.

                                                                   Pete Morgan

Shipston/Newbury Challenge-2

Held On The River Stour Shipston

                                                        Sunday 18 September 202

    Shipston carried on from last weeks Cotswold Cup win with another team win. It was hard fishing on the river which had little to no flow at all but luckily fish were caught by all.  The results were:
    1st place was Luke Mason (Shipston) with 8lb 12oz from Honington.
    2nd place was Dave Smith (Newbury) with 5lb 12oz from Sports club.
    3rd place was Barry Giles (Shipston) with 5lb 05oz from Shipston bridge.
    4th place was Kenny Watts (Shipston) from the bridge with 5llb.
    5th place was Stuart Fleming (Shipston) was fifth with 4lb 14oz.
    Shipston won on points.



                                     Dave Smith                               Stuart Fleming

Cotswold Cup

Held At Bourton On The Water

                                                        Sunday 11 September 202

    Moreton angling club hosted this annual competition and ten anglers in each team from Moreton, Burford, Shipston and Norgren competed for the impressive Cotswold Cup.  The match could have gone anyway with some anglers catching bream consistently whilst the rest were left struggling for bites but Shipston came out on top with 3 section wins, 5 second section places and 2 third in section places.

Andy Bruce(Shipston ac) was the overall winner with 83lb of bream, Gary Didcock(Shipston ac) 77lb bream and Richard Rouse (Norgren ac) 73lb bream.

    Team positions-

    Shipston 19points.

    Burford.   22points.

    Norgren.  25points.

    Moreton. 35points.












Dave Oxford, Gary Didcock, Mick Belgrave, Les Asby, Steve King (steward), Luke Mason, Andy Bruce, Stuart Fleming (captain), Kenny Watts, Phil Outram and Peter Morgan.

Farmers Cup

Held At Clattercote Reservoir

                                                        Saturday 13 August 2022

    On the hottest day of the year and the reservoir being very low the 12 anglers from Shipston angling club knew from the starting whistle that fishing was likely to be tough.  Les Ashby had a flying start with 2 carp straight off on the pellet waggler but only caught one more after that but that was most carp caught on the day and his 38lb won the match. 

    After that only 4 anglers weighed in, Gary Didcock came second with 13 lb and Phil Outram came 3rd with 9lb 08oz, Mick B3lgrave was 4th with 4lb 04oz and Steve King came 5th with 04oz.

    Not a great match with a lot of anglers not even getting a bite at all but they all got a great tan and had a laugh that's what match fishing is about its not just about catching fish🐠 ... 

Colin Barratt Cup - 3

Held At Boddington Reservoir

                                                        Saturday 06 August 2022
    15 anglers fished the dam-wall side at Boddington and some great weights caught.  The results were:
    1st place was Luke Mason with 199lb 04oz.
    2nd place was Kenny Watts with 97lb 08oz.
    3rd place was Phil Outram 88lb 04oz.

              Luke Mason                                   Kenny Watts                              Phil Outram

Fish "n" Frolics Consolidated Report for 2022

Fish "n" Frolics Report

Held On The River Avon, River Stour and Aston Magna Lakes

                                                        Saturday 22 - 24 July 2022

    A total of 44 anglers fished this annual event hosted by Shipston angling club and held on the Stour at Shipston, the Avon at Stratford-upon-Avon and Aston Magna pools. The overall winner was Baz Barnes with 7points , Kenny Watts was second with 9 points and Luke Mason was third with 9 points after count back of river weights. 

    Photos with permission are Baz Barnes the winner with the white cap and sunglasses, Ade Ager with the beard and blue cap with top river weight of 38lb caught at Seven Meadows.

Next week is the 3 day junior tuition on the river Stour, anyone is welcome to come along and on Saturday its the 9th annual FISH'n'FROLICS music festival, its free entry and live bands and singers alongside the river Stour at Shipston Sports club. 

                                         Baz Barnes                              Ade Ager

Dave Jones Memorial Match

Held On The River Avon

                                                        Saturday 10 July 2022

    This was the first match held in memory of Dave'Dabber' Jones. He had a fishing tackle shop in Stratford for many years and his family asked for him to be remembered by a match on his beloved river Avon and Seven Meadows and Stannels was the perfect place to hold it. 

37 anglers fished on a sweltering hot day on a very low and clear river but some good weights were had. The results were:

    1st place was James Wilson with 18lb 06oz from Stannels.

    2nd place was Mark Shreeves with 13lb 08oz.

    3rd place was Brian Morgan with 13lb 06 oz.

    Section winners were:

    Jim Brooke with 10lb 06oz.

    Lea Gardner with 11lb.

    Sean Reidy with 8lb 09oz.

    A tie with 6lb Lenny Kings and Michael Caddick, Michael was the grandson of Dabbers which was nice on the day.

                                                        Brian morgan

Colin Barratt Cup - 2

Held At The Brook Hatton

                                                        Saturday 02 July 2022

    This match was on the idyllic offshoot of the river just below the weir and where it re-joins the main river. 10 anglers fished on a very wet day indeed and fishing was hard.  The results were:

    1st place was Stuart Fleming caught 7lb 7oz of perch from the weir.
    2nd place was Andrew Wheildon with 6lb 08oz.
    3rd place was Peter Morgan with 5lb 08oz.

AC Claridge Cup

Held At Addlestrop

                                                        Saturday 25 June 2022

    Ten anglers fished the lake and although the weights weren't big most anglers caught on the day. The Results Were:

    1st place was Stuart Fleming with 5lb 06oz which was made up of a Tench and small perch.

    2nd place was Pete Hill who caught a decent net of perch for 4lb 09oz.

    3rd place = was Gary Didcock and Peter  Kilbride weighing in 2lb 13oz.

Colin Barratt Cup - 1

Held At Meadowlands Lake

                                                        Saturday 08 June 2022

    21 anglers fished in horrendous conditions that followed the extreme heatwave the day before.  The results were:

    1st Place was Richard Hornsby with 92lb who was jumping for joy at the end of the match as he said it was his best result ever.

    2nd Place was John Walkden who caught 52lb.

    3rd place was Michael Townsend with 50lb.

    4th place was Phil Outram with 49lb 04oz.

                                        John Walkden            Jack Schumann

K Eastbury Cup (Pairs)

Held on Aston Magna Lakes

                                                        Saturday 03 June 2022

    This match was the first match on the new 2022/2023 Shipston On Stour and District angling club season club card and was a pairs competition. 

    1st place and the The overall winner on the day was kenny Watts with 29lb 11oz and he and        partner Pete Morgan won the pairs match with a combined total weight of 36lb 07oz.

    2nd place was Baz and Mal Barnes with a respectable combined catch weight of 33lb 03oz ( 16lb 13oz & 16lb 08oz).

    3rd place Stuart Fleming came second with 17lb 09oz but with the combined catch from Pete Hill of 13lb 06oz the pair came 3rd with 30lb 15oz.

                         Kenny Watts                    Baz Barnes                    Stuart Fleming

Peter Jackson Shield (Over 65's)

Held at Aston Magna and Willington Lakes

                                                                        2022 Session

    This competition was won by Dave Oxford and was fished over 10 matches and has grown very popular over the years. Final result table below: