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Here you will find a list of all the results from the latest matches

Shipsotn 21st Stour Open

Held On The River Stour

Sunday 10 March 2019

The wind and rain affected the results and also the attendance figures again on Sunday but still 36 anglers braved the awful weather and battled with the rising river levels to try to catch anything.  The weights were close as expected, results as follows:

1st place was Les Haines with 7lb 14oz from Shipston bridge.

2nd place was Barry Giles with 7lb 05oz caught from Monks farm barn.

3rd place was Adrian Griffin with 6lb 04oz caught from Willington.

4th placewas Les Ashby with 6lb 02oz caught from Honington bridge.


Section winners were Mark Reeves 5lb 01oz at Willington, Mark Atkins 7lb 14Oz at Shipston bridge, John Walkden 5lb 10oz at Halfords bridge and Tony Avery 4lb 04oz at Monks farm barn.

Many thanks to The Coach and Horses for putting on breakfast for the anglers.

                              Barry Giles                    Ade Ager                    Stuart Fleming

Shipsotn & ADDAC Winter League Match

Held Aston Magna & Clifford Chambers

Sunday 124February 2019

This final round of the Stratford  On Avon Fishing and Outdoors sponsored league was a close thing with very little between the top places. The results are:

The winner  overall matches was Chris Hallows with 41 points, he picked up 11 points for second place at Clifford Chambers with a weight of 39lb 10oz.

The winner at Clifford Chambers was Pete Wedgeberrow with 63lb 04oz and with 12 points on the day ended up with 38 points and  second place in the league.

Meanwhile at Aston Magna there was nothing much between the scores and the next 5 anglers had just one point difference between 3rd ,4th 5th, 6th & 7th. Stuart Fleming won with 10lb 11oz to come 3rd in the league on 37 points. 

John Walkden who had lead from the start slipped down to 4th with 36 points.

Les Ashby 5th with 35 points.

Rob Oakey 6th with 34 points.

 Andy Bruce 7th with 33 points. I have attached league table.

       Chris Hallows    Chris Hallows      Stuart Fleming          Paul Geden






Winter League Group Photo

MK Hawkes Cup Winter Leagueh

Held on The River Stour at Willington, Shipston Sports Club & Fell Mill

Sunday 17 February 2019

16 Anglers fished this match.  The river fished well and looks in good form in time for the 21st Upper Stour Open on 10th March.  The winner were:

1st place was Robert Reynolds with 11lb 02oz.

2nd place was Malcolm  Allinson with 8lb 11oz.

3rd place was ick Purdy with 8lb 07oz. 

                                       Malcolm Allinson           Stuart Fleming


Shipston AC & ADAD Match

Held Aston Magna Lakes & Clifford Chambers

Sunday 10 February 2020

This match was supported by Stratford On Avon Fishing And Outdoors.A full turnout of 12 anglers on each pool on a wet and windy day produced two very different results with top weights coming from Clifford Chambers, results were:

1st place was Tony Hunt with 68 lb 06 oz winning with over thirty pounds in front of second placed

2nd place was Neil Schumann with 33 lb 05 oz.

3rd place was Andy Bruce 31 lb 04 oz.

The weights were not so good at Aston Magna with the winning weight only 4 lb 08 oz, results were: 

1st place was Robert Taylor, second was. 

2nd place was Dave Hudson with 4 lb 06 oz.

3rd place was Steve Harris third with 2 lb02 oz.

league standings ( top Twelve ) at the penultimate round are:

1st place is John Walkden  with 32 point.

2nd place is Chris Hallows with 30 points.

3rd place is Rob Taylor with 30 points.

4th place is Pete Wedgebrow with 26 points.

5th place is Rob Oakey  with 26 points.

6th place is Stuart Fleming with 25 points.

7th place is Les Ashby with 24 points. 

8th place is Andy Bruce with 23 points.

9th place is Pete Kilbride with 22 points.

10th place is Malcolm Allinson with 21 points.

11th place is Steve Harris with 19 points.

12th place is Tony Hunt with 18 points.

F Smith home 

Held On The River Stour at Willington & Shipston Sports Club

Sunday 03 February 2020

On one the coldest nights of the year and minus six as we did the draw expectations of a lot of fish getting caught were not good and with 9 anglers fishing the results showed it to be a much tougher day for most.

1st place was Malcolm Allinson with 8lb 10oz winning comfortably mainly chub from Willington. 

2nd place was Robert Reynolds with 4lb.

3rd place was Steve Aston with 2lb 03oz.

4th place was Dave Dowland with 1lb 14oz.

                                                                        Dave Dowland

Shiston Open Match

Held On The River Stour at Honnington, Willington & Shipston Bridge

Sunday 16 December 2018

25 Anglers fished the last open match of 2018  run by Shipston a.c  which was another close match.  Results are:

1st place was Kelvin Tallett (BAIT-TECH ) with  13lb 14ozwinning on his first visit to the river.

2nd was Steve Arthur from Chipping Norton with 10lb 02oz.

3rd was Brian Pallet from Newbury  with 9lb 07oz.

                                      Kevin Tallett          Steve Arthur



Christmas Match

Held On The River Stour at Honnington, Willington, Shipston Bridge & Sports Field

Sunday 16 December 2018

28 anglers turned up to this very popular annual club match on the river Stour and with the changeable weather recently nobody expected massive weights.  There was only 10 ozs between the top three anglers on the day, results were:

1st place was Robert  Reynolds with 10lb 12oz from Willington.

2nd place was Ade Ager with 10lb 06oz also from Willington.

3rd place was Nick Purdy with 10lb  02oz from Honington,.

4th place was Dave Smith with 9lb 02oz from Honington.

5th place was Rob Oakey with 8lb 14oz also from Willington.

                                                                 Stuart Fleming

G Crump Trophy

Held On The River Stour at Willington & Shipston Bridge

Sunday 09 December 2018

The results of this match were:

1st [lace was Les Haines with 12lb 04oz.  This makes it two wins on the trot for him from Willington, mainly dace and chub from the end peg.

2nd place was Robert Reynolds with 10lb 07oz also dace and chub from Shipston.

3rd place was Les Ashby came with 9lb 12oz  from Willington.

Halford Hill Shield

Held On The River Stour at Willington & Shipston Bridge

Sunday 02 December 2018


The recent rain certainly helped to put some colour into the river Stour and after such a long spell of little or no rain the river Stour fished as well as we have come to expect this time of year with many anglers  catching over 10lb.  Fifteen anglers fished, Many of the anglers were keen to use some of the tips passed on from the Fridays river fishing Talk by Top angler James Robbins from CADENCE FISHING.  

1st place was  Les Haines with 14lb 08oz.

2nd place was Jack Schumann  with 13lb 08oz.

3rd place was Ian Harris with 12lb 14oz.

4th place was Mal Hallows with 12lb 02oz. 

5th place was  Bob Reynolds with 11lb 08oz. 

6th place was Rob Oakey with 11lb 04oz. 

                                                                       Rob Oakey

Honnington Shield

Held On The River Stour at Honnington Bridge & Fell Mill

Sunday 25 November 2018


The river Stour is still  not fishing up to its usual standard for this time of year and the recent run of low weights in the matches continued on Sunday at Honington Bridge. 


The weights are as follows:

1st Place was  Steve Aston with 2lb 12oz.

2nd Place was Paul Geden with 2lb 06oz.

3rd Place was Dave Dowland with 1lb 11oz.

4th Place was Robert  Reynolds  with 1lb 01oz.

5th Place was Les Ashby with 12oz.

4th Round of The Stratfors Winter League

Held On The River Stour at Wimpstone & Preston

Sunday 18 November 2018

The results of the final round of the Stratford Winter League.  Many anglers found fish hard to come by in the low and clear river conditions and some sections were won with just ounces.

The match winners where:


1st Place was Rob Oakey (Nobbits) with 7.2.0 lbs of chub and perch using a flat float and worm.

2nd Place was Rob Taylor (Shipston) who caught two chub and smaller fish using pole and maggot.

3rd Place was Pete Kilbride (Stratford Red) with 4.8.0 lbs of roach on stick float and maggot.

Section winners were:

'A' Dave Belcher with 0.12.0 lbs

'B'Rob Taylor with 5.3.0 lbs

'C'Pete Kilbride with 4.8.0 lbs


Team results on the day were:Shipston 21points.

Stratford Blue 21,Nobbits 20.

Quinton 15,Stratford Red 15,Smithys 14.

Final results were:

Shipston 85 points.

Smithys 74.

Stratford Red 74,Nobbits 66.

Stratford Blue 66,Quinton 65.

The individual champion was:

Rob Oakey with 26 points.

joint runners-up were Steve Aston and Dave Belcher both with 22 points

                                                  Winning Team Shipston

Anniversary Trophy

Held On The River Stour at Honnington Bridge

Sunday 11 November 2018


This match had to been switch from Halford to Honnington due to the accessability of the fields at Halford.  The recent change in the weather saw lower weights and fewer anglers, although many of the anglers were at the Garbolino Stratford Classic on Sunday.

1st Place with 5lb was Rob Taylor. 

2nd Place was Paul Geden with 4lb 13oz.

3rd Place was Steve Aston with 4lb 08oz

3rd Round of The Stratford Winter League

Held On The River Stour at Wimpston & Preston

Sunday 04 November 2018


The match winner was Richard Rouse (Shipston) with an excellent  catch of 12 chub weighing 18.14.0lb taken on pole-fished maggot.  

2nd was Mark Parsons(Smithys) with 6.13.8lb of chub on pole-fished maggot .

3rdwas Rob Oakey (Nobbits) who caught chub for 6.2.0 using worm on the pole.


Section winners were:

"A" Mark Parsons 6.13.8lb.

"B" Rob Oakey 6.2.0lb.

"C" Mal Hallows 3.15.8lb

"D"A ndy Bruce 5.7.0lb.


Team results on the day were:

Shipston 23 points.

Stratford Red 21 Points.

Smithys 18,Nobbits 16 Points

Quinton Boys 16 Points.

Stratford Blue 14 Points.


.The league leaders with one match remaining are Shipston with 64 points.

                                                          Richard Rouse

T Perry Cup

Held On The River Stour at Willington, Sports Club and

Shipston Bridge

Sunday 28 Ocotober 2018


12 Anglers fished and achieved some great weights. 


1st place was Malcolm Hallows 19lb.04oz from Willington.

2nd place was Paul Geden with 10lb.04oz.

3rd = was Robert Oakey and Rob Taylor with 10lb.02oz.

                                Rob Oakey                       Dave Dowland

2nd Round of The Stratford Winter League

Held On The River Stour Wimpstone

Sunday 21 Ocotober 2018

The match winner was Jon Walkden (Smithy's) whose catch of 11.8.0 lb in B section, mainly made up of five chub caught on pole-fished maggots and casters.

Second place was Rob Oakey (Shipston Nobbits) 7.1.0 lb who caught chub from A section on the pole using corn.  

third place was Jason Parnell (Stratford Red) with 5.13.0 lb,which was mainly two chub caught on pole-fished lobworm from C section.

Section winners were:'

A'  Rob Oakey 7.1.0 lb. 

B' Steve Aston (by default) 3.0.0 lb.

C' Jason Parnell 5.13.0 lb.

D'James Yates 2.1.0 lb.

Team results on the day were:Quinton Boys 20 points.

Smithy's 19 points.

Stratford Red 19 points.

Shipston 17 points.

Stratford Blue 16 points

Shipston Nobbits 16 points.


The match winners were:

1st place was Jon Walkden (Smithy's) with 11.8.0 lb mainly made up of five chub caught on pole-fished maggots and casters.

2nd place was Rob Oakey ( Shipston nobbits) with 7.1.0 Lb who caught chub on the pole using corn.

3rd place was Jason Parnell(Stratford Red)with 5.13.0 lb,which was mainly two chub caught on pole-fished lobworm.

photo attached is of James Yates who won his section from the last peg on D'section

JAC Team Challenge Match

Held On

Sun 14 October 2018

This match was organised by Tony Butler from Baileys Tackle Shop in Warwick. This annual event nearly didn't happen as it was decided last years challenge would be its last.  Luckily it was taken on by Tony and this event now in its 23rd year of fund raising  went ahead.  Total of £617.00 was raised for the Kingfisher Pool and the young anglers that are the future of the sport.

Fourteen teams entered and there were six in a team, some of the midlands finest angles showed up and the competition was of a very high standard. Shipston put in two teams, Barford put in two teams, Alcester had a team and the rest from Warwick and surrounding areas made up the rest of the teams.

Nigel Davis had the top weight with 32lb 06 oz on the EAC section of the Avon in Warwick and the winning team was Team Shakespeare with 62 points, Eagle came second with 60 points, Porto came third with 58 points, Barford Elite came fourth with 52 points and Smithies Fifth with 51 points.

Individual winners

A section- Andy Bruce (Smithies) 5lb 9 oz.

B section - Tom Hitchman (Barford Elite) 4lb.

C section - Rob Oakey ( Shipston a.c. Grey ) 18lb 07oz.

D section - Nigel Davis ( Shakespeare ) 32lb 06oz.

E section - Sean Reidy ( Smithies ) 20lb 04oz.

F section - Mark Atkins  ( Eagle ) 13 lb.

                 Team Shakespeare                                              Nigel Davis

OXO,s Open Match

Held At Aston Magna Lakes

Thu 16 August 2018

19 Anglers fishedresults are:

1st place was Dave Chandler with 29lb 4oz Newbury a.c.

2nd place was Colin Barratt with 25 lb 01oz.

3rd place was Alan Watkins with 23lb 10oz.

4th place was Jason Parnell with 23lb 07oz Willington a.c.

 5th place was Kenny Watts with 17lb 01oz.  

Fish n Frolics Festival Results

Held on The river Stour, Seven and Aston Magna

Fri 20 June - Sun 22 June 2018

Fly Fishing Day

Held on The river Stour Sat 09 June 2018

The day was great fun, a few small brown trout were caught along with a selection of other fish including chub and minnows all on the fly.  The river is still remarkably high, pacey and coloured for the time of year which hampered the ability to fly fish in the river.

                                         Unknown Fly Fisherman On The Day

Peter Jackson Over 65 Shield

Held at Aston Magna 07 June 2018

This was the fourth round of the over 65's Pete Jackson Trophy league.  15 anglers fished.  

1st place was Les Haines with 16lb 01oz.

2nd place was Dave Oxford with 14lb  03oz.

3rd place was Dave Smith with 11lb  04oz .

4th place was Colin Barratt with 10lb 02oz.

5th place was Pete Kilbride with 9lb 14oz.  

                                             Colin Barratt            Dave Oxford

KP Eastbury Pairs Cup

Held at Aston Magna 02 June 2018

This was the pairs match and 20 anglers fished. It was a close match and the weights were lower than expected. With the carp still spawning many of the anglers had to target bream and silver fish.  Dave xford & Steve Aston were parteners on the day and easily won the pairs trophy.  Results as singles as follows:


1st place was Dave Oxford with 17lb 01oz made up of mainly bream.

2nd place was Steve Aston with 14lb 08oz he also caught bream.

3rd place was Andy Simpson with 12lb 06oz.

4th place was  Pete Kilbride with 12lb.

5th place was Stuart Fleming with 11lb 01oz. 

         Dave Oxford &           Dave Axford       Malcolm Allinson            Pete Kilbride

         Steve Aston            (Winning Catch)

Colin Barratt Cup Round 1

Held at Bishops Bowls Lakes Saturday 26 May 2018

Shipstons away match at Bishops Bowls was held on a piping hot day which saw 18 anglers on White Bishop's pool.


1st place was Pete Kilbride with 74 lb 04 oz following up his 3rd place in midweek. 2nd place was Robert Reynolds with 65 lb following  last week's winner at Boddington.

3rd place was Chris Hallows with 50 lb.

4th place was Andy Simpson with 45 lb 01 oz who has made a good a return to fishing after a long spell off through ill health.Simon

5th place was Slowther with 43 lb 12 oz and a very sun burned neck afterwards. 

Andy Simpson                             Stuart Fleming                  Simon Slowther

                                     (biggest carp on the day 10 lb 03 oz)

Peter Jackson Shield

Held at Aston Magna Thursday 24 May  2018

This was the third round of the over 65's Pete Jackson Trophy league.  14 anglers fished.  


1st place was  Dave Smith from Newbury with 29lb 08oz after having car problems, Dave was late getting to the venue but this didn't dampen his spirit and he managed to catch 10 bream on the day.

2nd place was Alan Watkins with 24lb 08oz who  continues with his good run in this league.

3rd place was Pete Kilbride with 16lb 08oz.

4th place was Henry Sadler with 15lb 12oz.

5th place was Les Haines with 14lb 06oz.

Farmers Cup

Held at Boddington Reservoir Saturday 19 May 2018

This was the first of the away match of the year that Shipston  a.c have during the 2018 season and expectations of big weights of carp as per previous years were eagerly anticipated. With the weather improving and the water warming up the fish had deceided not to feed and a frustrating day was had by most of the anglers and not many carp caught. 


1st place was Robert Reynolds with 81lb 12oz,  of carp from the end peg. 

2nd place was  Gary Didcock with 57lb 15oz.

3rd place was Pete Kilbride with 52lb 08oz.


The biggest carp was 15lb 09oz caught by Mick Belgrave.


                             Bob Reynolds                                   Gary Didcock

Friendly Match

Held at Clifford Chambers Sunday 13 May 2018

Twelve anglers fished and Chris Hallows won continueing his good run of form with 48lb 15oz, Stuart Fleming came second with 39lb 07oz also had the biggest fish a common carp at 10 lb 03oz, Andy Bruce came third with 35lb 04oz. 

Stratford  On Avon and Outdoors ltd gave tokens for the biggest fish and the biggest crucian carp, the biggest crucian carp was 1lb 06oz won by Chris Hallows and the Biggest fish was won by Stuart Fleming. 

                 Chris Hallows                  Ian Harris             Stuart Fleming

Peter Jackson Shield

Held at Aston Magna Thursday 10 May  2018

Second round of the midweek Peter Jackson Trophy match (over 65's). Fifteen anglers fished.  Results are:

1st Place was Alan Watkins with 24lb 01oz of bream and is leading the league with 18 points. 

2nd place was Colin Barratt with 17lb 10oz

3rd place was Les Haines with 13lb 07oz.

Aston Magna Tankard/Paul Geden Cup

Held at Aston Magna Saturdy 05 May 2018

This match was the forth and final round of this increasingly popular Aston Magna Tankard league which this year also became the Paul Geden Cup.


27 anglers competed in the league and 18 fished on the final day and going into the last round it was 3 anglers in with a chance of winning, Chris Hallows took his chance and caught 26 lb 14oz of bream and won on the day and the 10 points were enough to win the league by just one point, Andy Bruce who had been leading from the start needed just one extra point and had to settle for second in the league, Les Ashby was in second place on the last day but ended in fourth place to Gary Didcock. 


Place on the day

1st place was Chris Hallows with 26lb 14oz.

2nd place was Mick Belgrave with 19lb 0oz.

3rd place was Gary Didcock with 11lb 02oz.

4th place was Steve Aston with 9lb 03oz.


League positions ( top ten ):


1st place was Chris Hallows with 29 points.

2rd place was Andy Bruce with 28 points. 

3rd place was Gary Didcock  with 24 points.

4th place was Les Ashby with 22 points.

5th place was Mick Belgrave with 16 points.

6th place was Steve Harris with 16 points. 

7thplace was Stuart Fleming with 14 points.

8th place was Robert  Oakey  with 13 points.

9th place was Steve Aston with 12 points.

10th place was Pete Kilbride with 10 points.

     Chris Hallows          Mick Belgrave         Les Ashby, Andy Bruce & Chis Hallows

 Add Hoc Match Held At Clifford Chambers Sunday 29 April 18

The Sunday match was even wetter and colder than the yesterday at the juniors day, it was most unseasonal for the time of year which affected the weights on the day,   12 anglers fished the same pool as yesterday.


1st place was Graham Finch with 21lb.

2nd place was Steve Aston with 16lb 12oz.

3rd place was Andy Bruce with 10lb 06oz.


                                                                 Graham Finch

 Junior Tuition Day Held At Clifford Chambers Saturday 28 April 2018

On Saturday Shipston angling club held a junior tuition day on the pool at Clifford Chambers, It was a great day out and both morning and afternoon sessions saw the young anglers who attended catch lots of fish all through the day.  The weather was cold and wet but this didn't dampen their spirit and all had a thoroughly good day.


Joshua Martin


Aston Magna Tankard/Paul Geden Cup

Held at Aston Magna Saturdy 21 April 2018


This was the third round of the Aston Magna Tankard match and 15 anglers competed in this highly competitive series. With the weather warming the pools up the weights are starting to improve and the winning weight was made up of mainly small crucian carp.


1st place was Rob Oakey with 31lb 06oz.

2nd place was Andy Bruce with 27lb 13oz.

3rd place was Chris Hallows with 24lb,03oz.

4th place was Gary Didcock with 21lb,08oz.

5h place was Chris Coleman with 20lb.

6th place was Les Ashby with 18lb 14oz.

7th place was Stuart Fleming with 15lb 01oz.

8th place was Colin Barratt with 10lb 10 oz.

 Rob  Oakey      Andy Bruce   Chris Hallows  Chirs Coleman         Ian Harris

Stuart Flemming      Les Ashby

Bate Tech, Angling Times Supercup Competition

Held at Packington 14 April 2018

Mixed results as both Shipston a.c teams fished over the weekend, we had two teams in the Bait Tech, Angling Times Supercup competition and with the first match away on the Saturday at Packington it was going to be a tough match for Shipston  against Beaumont a.c. 

Dave Oxford for Shipston a.c won the match with over 80lb but the Shipston  team lost 11-7 on the day to the home team.


Sunday saw the next Shipston team go through to the next round automatically as team Tusses from Coventry pulled out after a complaint about the state of the track being wet and muddy. The match went ahead without them and the Shipston team fished along with 4 other Shipston anglers. 


1st place ws Andy Bruce won with 24 lb.

2nd place was John Walkden  with 17lb 10oz.

3rd place was Mick Belgrave with 16lb 08oz.

4th place was Stuart Fleming with 11lb.

5th place was Rob Oakey 8lb 10oz.

The next round is on the second weekend of June.

        Andy Bruce     John Walkden  Mick Belgrave  Stuart Fleming

Aston Magna Tankard/Paul Geden Cup

Held at Aston Magna Saturdy 07 April 2018

21 anglers fished in this second round match held on the 3 pools at Aston Magna. The fish are still shoaled up in the same area as the previous round and the top weights were from the same areas. Next round is on 21st April hopefully the weather will improve and the fish start to move around the pools.

1st place was Chris Hallows with 26lb-10oz.

2nd place was Steve Harris with 26lb-06oz.

3rd place was Andy Bruce with 12lb-04oz.

4th place was Les Ashby with 11lb-08oz.

5th place was Pete Kilbride 9lb-08oz.


Chris Hallows              Steve Harris                 Les Ashby                 Mal Hallows.

Aston Magna Tankard/Paul Geden Cup

Held at Aston Magna Saturdy 31 March 2018

23 Anglers  competed and the match was held on all three pools at Aston Magna,  With all the rain and local flooding overnight  expectations of catching a lot of fish were not likely. The influx of cold water made the fish shoal in some areas and the top 4 anglers were all fishing in the same area. 

Top 10 anglers 

  1. Andy Bruce         18lb 10oz.

  2. Les Ashby           10lb 12oz.

  3. Gary Didcock      10lb 10oz.

  4. Dave Dowland     8lb 02oz.

  5. Rob Taylor           5lb 08oz.

  6. Stuart Fleming    5lb 06oz.

  7. Steve Harris        4lb 12oz.

  8. Mick Belgrave     4lb 08oz.

  9. Ron Harris           4lb.

  10. Rob Oakey           3lb 02oz.

Photo's             Andy Bruce       Gary Didcock


General Photographs taken at the AGM

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