Shipston F Smith Travel Cup

Held At Meadowlands

Saturday 04 July 2020

The Match was held on Warren pool with 20 anglers fishing.  The results were:


1st place was Mick Belgrave with 164lb 04ozs.

2nd place was Les Ashby wirh 120lb 02ozs.

3rd place was Graham Wheeler with 91lb 10ozs, losing a big carp at the final whistle. 

4th place was Neil Schumman with 79lb 07 ozs

                  Mick Belgrave                   Neil Schumman                  Krister Nobes

Shipston AC Claridge Cup

Held At Addlestrop

Saturday 27 June 2020

The match had 14 anglers and was a close match due to lower weights than normal.  The results were;

1st place was Phil Outram won with 3lb 3ozs

2nd place was  Colin Barratt with 2lb 10oz 08 drams.

3rd place was Stuart Fleming was third with 2lb 09oz.










                 Phil Outram                         Colin Barrett                    Stuart Fleming

Shipston a,c will hopefully be starting junior tuition classes and now has two level 2 coaches in the club who will take the sessions, details will be put on club website and on our brand new Shipston a,c Facebook page. 

Shipston Anniversary Trophy

River Stour Charlecote

Sunday 23 August 2020

This was the second match of the weekend and proved to be a hard days fishing for some.  The results were?:

1st place was David Dowland with 5lb of perch.

2nd place were joint placing was Les Ashby and Barry Giles with 4lb 10oz.

                               Dave Dowland                          Bob Reynolds

Shipston L White Shield

Bourton On The Water Lake

Saturday 22 August 2020

Today saw some great results although some found it a difficult day.  The results were:


1st place was Rob Oakey with 38lb 07oz of bream.

2nd place was Stuart Fleming with 30lb 07oz of roach and skimmers.

3rd place was Pete Kilbride with 21lb 13oz . 

                            Rob Oakey                       Stuart Fleming

Shipston Simon Slouther Cup

Held On River Anov Warwick

Saturday 15 August 2020

17 anglers fished and was told the river was exceptionally low by Tony Butler from Baileys in the week.  That proved invaluable as the match secretary as he didn't have a clue and he gave him a good list of the pegs to put in.  Anyway the usual chuntering from anglers about the water being too low and clear at the start and some pegs don't get fished but still had to make late alterations to peg around anglers that were fishing all night for carp!


So now that the paperwork has dryed out you can see why we love this place for match fishing, it's because its a fair venue with even weights, not massive this time but lots of fish.  The results were:


1st place was Bob Reynolds with 7lb 10oz.

2nd place was Chris Hallows with 7lb 02oz.

3rd place was Jason Basil Parnell with 6lb 12oz.

                                                 Bob Reynolds                 Dave Dowland

                         Mick Belgrave                  Jack Schumann                Stuart Fleming

Shipston J Bryan Cup

Held At Boddington Reservior

Saturday 08 August 2020

18 anglers fished this match and some good weights came out with the top four all coming from the lower pegs from 62 to 69, all these weighed in over 100lbs of fish. The one other angler that weighed in over 100lb came from end peg 82.  The results were:


1st place was Rob Oakey with 154lb 09oz.

2nd place was Dave Hudson with 137lb 14oz.

3rd place was Steve Aston with 137lb.

4th place was Pete Morgan with 114lb.

5th place was Neil Schumann with 113lb.

              Steve Aston                   Neil Schumann                        General View

Fish "n" Frolics Fishing Ultimate Angler Competition

Held at Aston Magna Lakes, the River Avon and the River Stour

Friday 24 July - Sunday 26 July

This event is now in its 8th year and despite all the recent setbacks of covid 19 the event has gone on with the emphasis on fishing only following all the Government advice along the way.

45 anglers took part and the 3 groups alternated each day to fish the 3 sections by designated match organisers.  The results over the 3 days were:

1st place and the overall winner was Andy Bruce (Manor Farm Angling-Sensas) who had 3 wins, first at Seven Meadows on the Avon, then Monks Barn Farm (on the Stour) and at Aston Magna pool.

2nd place was Jason Parnell (Stratford Fishing and Outdoors) who won at Aston Magna , Seven Meadows and came 3rd on the Stour at Honington.

3rd place was Howard Kaye (Manor Farm Angling-Sensas) with a win on the Stour at Fell Mill then 2nd at Aston Magna and 3rd at Seven meadows.

A full list of positions can be seen below.

The Top 3 all took home a party box of beer donated by local sponsor North Cotswold Brewery and the top ten anglers had prizes donated by Bait Tech , Garbolino, Sonubaits and also from local tackle shops Alcester Sports and Tackle, Baileys of Warwick and Stratford Fishing and Outdoors.

              Andy Bruce                                    Jason Parnell                        Howard Kaye

Shipston KJ Eastbury Cup

Held At Meadowlands

Saturday 20 June 2020

21 anglers fished the match at Meadowlands.  The results were:


1st Place was Krister Nobes with 135lb 04oz on the waggler

2nd place was Mick Belgrave with 98lb 08oz which included a hugely impressive 3lb perch. 3rd was Chris Hallows with 72lb 08oz.

             Mick Belgrave              Mick Belgrave (with Perch)     Neil Schumann

Shipston Colin Barrett Cup - 2

Held At Meadowlands

Saturday 13 June 2020

Here is the result and the report from the club match at Meadowlands on Saturday 13th June. This match was switched from Bishops Bowls due to the Coronavirus and 23 anglers fished it.

The results were:


1st place was Tony Avery with 61 lb 07oz.

2nd place was Peter Kilbride with 59lb.

3rd place was Graham Wheeler with 55lb 07oz.








                    Tony Avery                        Pete Kilbride                Graham Wheeler

Shipston angling club have announced that the 3 day FISH'n'FROLICS FESTIVAL will go ahead but just the matches so anglers can now book in for that. 

The Frolics has been postponed regrettably due to the Government restrictions. 

Shipston Open Match Held at Aston Magna

Sunday 07 June 2020

Here is the result and report from Sundays unofficial club match at Aston Magna, This match was to raise money for the FISH'n'FROLICS festival fund and also to help prepare for the forthcoming club matches which are considerably different to run with all the present alterations needed around the Covid 19 epidemic.  The results were;

1st place was Baz Barnes won on another tricky day with the fish not wanting to feed with 8lb 11oz.

2nd place was Ken Watts followed up his win last week with 7lb 9oz.

3rd place was Phil Outram with 7lb 02oz.

             Baz Barnes                           Ken Watts                          Tony Skinner

Shipston K Eastbury Cup (Pairs)

Held At Aston Magna

Sunday 31 May 2020

This contest had to be arranged at very short notice due to the Government easing of restrictions on Covid 19 and the match officials had to take extra measures to make this happen.

The contest draw was done live on social media the day before for the match at Aston Magna and anglers went straight to their pre drawn pegs to await the start whistle. The contest went reasonably well and all the anglers were relieved to be out fishing and catching a few fish. The results were:


1st place was Kenny Watts with 14lb 02oz of bream fishing the pole.

2nd place was Baz Barnes with 10lb 05oz.

3rd place was Chris Hallows with 7lb 14oz who just beat his Dad Mal Hallows with 7lb 12oz, Chris caught a bream just in the final minutes of the match to take the bragging rights.

This was a pairs match and Kenny Watts and Chris Hallows won that with a combined weight of 22lb.

      Kenny Watts             Mal Hallows                Baz Barnes                Chris Hallows