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Shipston and ADDAC Winter League

Held At Aston Magna and Clifford chambers

Sunday 15 March 2020

   Another soaking wet Sunday which seems to be the thing these days and it all worked out well for local angler Jason Parnell who went into the match with with a slender 1 point lead on the day. Jason who fishes for Stratford On Avon Fishing and Outdoors won at Aston Magna with 5 lb 03 ozs just 3ozs above second place Stuart Fleming giving him the league also. Gary Didcock won at Clifford Chambers with 47lb and John Walkden Second with 45lb 08oz.

   This league has been so tight that there was 3 anglers tied for second place on 15 points so the combined match weights were totalled up and Tony Avery had 105lb 07oz,Stuart Fleming had 98lb 09oz and John Walkden had 88lb 01oz.


1 - J PARNELL               12 POINTS

2 - T AVERY                   15 

3 - S FLEMING              15

4 - J WALKDEN              15

5 - T HUNT                    20

6 - L ASHBY                   23

8 -  R TAYLOR                23

9 - J SCHUMANN          24

10 - D EVASON             24

11 - P KILBRIDE            25

12 - S ARTHURS           25

13 - B BARNES             26

14 - P WEDGEBROW   28

15 - A BRUCE               28

16 - M BELGRAVE        28

17 - G FINCH                31

18 - R OAKEY               31

19 - N SCHUMANN     32

20 - I HARRIS               35

21 - R MOULD             36

22 - S HARRIS              39

23 - B WOODWOOD  40

24 - M HINTON           46

                                                           Stuart Fleming, Jason Parnell, Tony Avery


                                  Tony Avery                              Jason Parnell

Shipston On Stour 22nd Upper Stour Open

Held on the River Stour

Sunday 08 March 2020

This is the first time for weeks that the river Stour was match fishable and 29 anglers turned up fish this the last match of the season.

The match was won by Robert Oakey with 10lb 11oz,  Stuart Fleming second with 10lb and Luke Mason third with 9lb 12oz.


The section winners were:

Jim Burton 7lb 8oz.

Steve Arthur's 6lb 05oz.

Steve Aston 7lb 06oz.

          Steve Arthurs                 Stuart Fleming                  Luke Mason

Shipston Allinson Plate

Held at Aston Magna

Sunday 01 March 2020

The match was another victim of the recent bad weather with many fishing contests in the area cancelled due to the recent flooding and dangerous conditions of the banks making the river unfishable. The match was transferred to Aston Magna and 9 anglers made a decent contest on this the final club match of the Season.  The results were:

1st place was Steve Arthurs with 6lb 09oz.

2nd place was Baz Barnes with 6lb 6oz.

3rd place was Stuart Fleming with 5lb 12oz.

   Steve Arthurs          Baz Barnes              Stuart Fleming             Bary Giles

Shipston and ADDAC Winter League

Held At Aston Magna and Clifford chambers

Sunday 23 February 2020

This was the 3rd and penultimate round of the Shipston/ ADDAC winter league match and again the wind and the rain made conditions harder than normal. Both groups of anglers are enjoying this tightly matched competition and the winners this week were:

Clifford Chambers:

1st place was Stuart Fleming with 60lb 08 oz.

 2nd place was  Pete Wedgebrow with 59lb 12 oz.

3rd place was Jason Parnell with 59lb 04 oz.

Aston Magna:

 1st place was Rob Taylor with 6lb 08 oz.

2nd place was Steve Arthurs with 5lb 14oz.

3rd place was Baz Barnes with 5lb 06 oz 8 drams.

League Standings are. ( Top Ten )

1- Jason Parnell          11points

2- Tony Hun                12points    joint

2- Tony Avery             12points    joint

4- John walkden        13 points   joint

4- Stuart Fleming      13 points   joint

6- Les Ashby              14 points

7= Dave Evason        15 points

8- Baz  Barnes           16 points

 9- Pete Kilbride        17 points

10- Steve Arthurs      18 points  joint

11- Rob Taylor           18 points  joint








 Pete Wedgebrow  Mick Belgrave     Stuart Fleming          Jason Parnell

Shipston MK Hawkes Cup

Held at Aston Magna

Sunday 16 February 2020

The match was at Aston Magna instead of the river Stour due to Storm Dennis, the river Stour was flooded and the weather put anglers off except for four of us. This Winter League match was in the end not that bad even though the pools were about a foot high with all the rain.  The results were;

1st place was Les Ashby won with 8lb 03oz of skimmers and gudgeon.

2nd place was Stuart Fleming with 4lb 03oz and 08 drams'

3rd place was Baz Barnes  with 3lb 09oz.

4th place was Dave Dowland with 2lb 11oz.

                      Les Ashby                     Stuart Fleming                 Baz Barnes

Shipston F Smith Home Cup

Held On The River Stour

Sunday 02 February 2020

The overnight rain ruined the chance of decent weights as the river rose at an alarming rate but 20 anglers fished and some managed to catch whilst others struggled for bites. The results were:


1st place was Kenny Watts with 9lb 01oz.

2nd place was Dave Smith with 7lb 08oz.

3rd place was Baz Barnes with 6lb 12 oz.

Shipston and ADDAC Winter League

Held At Aston Magna and Clifford chambers

Sunday 26 January 2020

The recent spell of wet, cold and windy weather returned this weekend and  made conditions extremely difficult to fish but fish were caught by all anglers and this second round of this series saw Tony Hunt jump to the top of the league.  The results were:

Clifford Chambers (12 fished )

1st place was Tony Hunt with 52lb 03oz.

2nd place was Tony Avery with 51lb 03oz.

3rd palce was Steve Harris with 41lb 06oz.

4th place was Stuart Fleming with 31lb 08oz.

5th place was Jason Parnell with 26lb.

Aston Magna ( 11 fished )

1st place was Dave Evason with 3lb 09 oz 07 drams. 

2nd place was Rob Oakey with 3lb 08oz 08 drams. 

3rd place was Baz Barnes with 3lb 07oz.

4th place was Gary Didcock with 3lb 06oz.

5th place was John Walkden with 3lb 01oz.

Top 10 in the Shipston /ADDAC Winter league are. 

1 T Hunt. 3 points

2 D Evason  7 points

3 J Parnell. 8 points

4 T Avery 8 points

5 J Walkden 9 points

6 R Mould 10 points

7 P Kilbride 10 points 

8 J Schumann 11 points

9 R Oakey 11 points

10 S Fleming 12 points

                                 Tony Avery                          Neil Schumann

Shipston W Steel Cup

Held on the River Stour

Sunday 19 January 2020

This match was due to be on the river Stour and was again switched to the pools at Aston Magna as the river was very high and dangerous following the midweek rain. The overnight frost was not ideal conditions and many anglers decided not to bother to fish but this winter league match went ahead.  The results were:


1st place was Stuart Fleming with 4lb 12oz of roach and rudd.

2nd place was Les Ashby with 2lb 4oz 08 drams.

3rd place was Dave Dowland with 2lb and 01oz.


           Stuart Fleming                Les Ashby                         Dave dowland

Shipston W Steel Cup

Held on the River Stour

Sunday 05 January 2020

The first Shipston match of 2020 was a winter league match and 20 anglers fished this match.


1st Place was Brian Pallet with 11lb 12oz of chub a Newbury Angler.

2nd pace was Ade Ager with 9lb 08 oz a Newbury Angler.

3rd Place was Jim Wiltshire.

21st Uper Stour Open

Held on the River Stour

Sunday 28 December 2019

Although the river remain quite high the anglers had a good days fishing.  The last match of the year was the annual Stour Open contest and 32 anglers fished, the results are:

1st place was Ade Ager with 17lb of chub a Newbury Angler.

2nd Place was Don Barnes with 9lb 13oz.

3rd place was Jim Wiltshire with 9lb 09oz. 

                                Ade Ager                             Rob Oakey

Shipston Christmas Cup

Held At Aston Magna & Clifford Chambers

Sunday 15 December 2019

The match yet again had to be transferred to the pools because the river was unfishable and unsafe. 18 anglers fished and the contest was spread over two sections at Aston Magna and one section at Clifford Chambers.

The overall winner was Jason Paris on C section with 58lb 12oz and second in section was Baz Barnes with 42lb. 

The section winner of A section was Tony Avery with 6lb and second in that section was Ade Agar with 2lb 04oz.

The section winner of B section was Stuart Fleming with 3lb 03oz and second in that section was Gary Didcock with 2lb 15oz.

                                    Gary Didcock                      Stuart Fleming


Shipston G Crump Trophy

Held On The River Stour

Sunday 08 December 2019

At long last the river was just about fishable and 15 anglers turned up for the match held on the river Stour. It was touch and go with the river rising overnight but those anglers who could find a decent spot to fish there were plenty of fish caught.  The Results are:

1st place was Kenny Watts with 9lb 06oz.

2nd place was Chris Coleman with 9lb.

3rd Place was Stuart Fleming with 7lb 15oz.

                Stuart Fleming     Malcolm Allinson        Les Ashby

Shipston Halford Hill Shield

Held At Aston Magna

Sunday 01 December 2019

The contest was again switched from the river Stour to the pool at Aston Magna as a result of recent rain pushing the level up and making the river unfishable in parts.

Unfortunately we then had the hardest frost of the year making fishing harder than normal and half the anglers didn't weigh in at the end. The Results Are:


1st place was Andy Bruce with  4lb 10 oz of small roach, rudd and carp on the waggle.

2nd place was Kenny Watts who landed two skimmer bream in the last hour for 3lb 01oz.

3rd place was Stuart Fleming with 2lb 14oz of roach and rudd on the pole.

4th place was Ian Harris was fourth with 12oz.

                     Andy Bruce             Kenny Watts             Stuart fleming

Shipston & ADDAC Match

Held At Aston Magna

Sunday 22 September 2019

Well done to Shipston Team who came second in the Stratford Winter League which was also at Aston Magna on the Bottom pool after the river Stour match was flooded off also, Over all individual winner was Shipston Angler Paul Geden.

                          Malcolm Allinson, Rob Taylor, Steve Aston & Paul Geden

Shipston Honington Shield

Held At Aston Magna

Sunday 24 November 2019

The river Stour was unfishable again after a deluge of rain the night before so the        match was switched to the pools at Aston Magna. The results were as follows;

1st place was Baz Barnes with 8lb 02oz from the middle pool and second place was Stuart Fleming with 6lb 10oz also from the middle pool, third was Gary Didcock with 2lb 10oz from the Top pool.

                               Baz Barnes                       Stuart Flemming

Update On Angling Over The Last Few Weeks

Monday 11 November 2019

Here is a run down of the angling in this area over the last few weeks. The river Stour and Avon have been have been virtually unfishable most of the time and the match anglers have had few chances to fish the rivers. Shipston had two matches transferred to the pools at Aston Magna due to flooding, only a handful turned up for the first match but 15 turned up for the second match with Andy Bruce winning with 10lb 09oz of bream, Steve Aston came second with 5lb 15oz and Paul Geden third with 4lb 03oz.

The Stratford Classic was cancelled and so was the third round of the Stratford winter league.

James Robbins from Cadence is coming back to Shipston at the White Bear for an Evening Talk and will be bringing with him a good selection of Cadence fishing tackle, it is free to come along and all are welcome.  I have attached a poster of the event if it is possible to use as I hope to arrange many more of these talks as they are very popular with the local anglers.


                Paul Geden                    Steve Aston                      Andy Bruce

Newbury AC Charity Match for Help for Heroes Charity

Held At Newbury Canaal

Sunday 14 September 2019

We all had a great day out at Newbury on the annual Help for Heroes match on the canal, Dave Smith and Newbury angling Club always make us welcome and is one of the highlights of the fishing year.  Over £500.00 was made for the charity.
Dave Smith won with 7lb+, the weights were close after that. Special mention to Drennan for the donation of tackle for the juniors, much appreciated 👍.  Stratford fishing and Outdoors and Baileys both donated prizes thanks guys for your support 👍.

Shipston & ADDAC Match Open-3

Held At Aston Magna & Clifford Chambers Lakes

Sunday 22 September 2019

The league was won by Andy Bruce who followed up his victory at Clifford Chambers with a win at Aston Magna on a day where the fishing was tough.

Aston Magna Results are:

1st place was Andy Bruce with 15lb 01oz of bream.

2nd place was Les Ashby with 9lb 04oz.

3rd was Pete Kilbride with 7lb 14oz .

Cliford Chambers results are:

1st place was John Walkden with 115lb 04oz of carp.

2nd place was Jason Parnell 83lb 01oz.

3rd place was Stuart Fleming was third with 77lb 08oz.


The  league was supported by Stratford On Avon FISHING AND OUTDOORS.

The league top ten standings were as follows,

1st place was Andy Bruce with 20 points.

2nd place was Jason Parnell with 18 points - higher combined weight.

3rd place was Les Ashby with18 points.

4th place was Pete Wedgebrow with 17 points.

5th place was Rob Taylor with 15 points.

6th place was Stuart Fleming with 14 points.

7th place was Neil Schumann with 13 points.

8th place was Luke Mason with 12 points.

9th place was Pete Kilbride with 11 points - higher combined weight.

10th place was Tony Hunt with 11 points.

               John Walkden                Jason Parnell                     Stuart Fleming

Cotswold Cup

Held At Bishops Bowls

This was the Cotswold Cup match that has been going since 1966 and is always a close match between the clubs.  The match was held at Bishops Bowl and the four teams of 10 anglers were from Moreton, Burford , Shipston and Norgren.

Shipston and Burford were tied on points with both teams winning 5 of their sections, Shipston had the superior weight advantage with the top three weights all going to Shipston. 


Individual Results Were:

1st place was Andy Bruce (Shipston)with over 100lbs

2nd place was Stuart Fleming (Shipston) over 90lbs.

3rd place was Chris Hallows (Shipston) with over 50lbs

and with Les Ashby (Shipston) and Gary Didcock (Shipston) both winning their sections with good back up weights Shipston had the advantage. Moreton were third and Norgren came fourth.



                                Shipston Group Photo with Cotswold Cup

                           Andy Bruce                                         Stuart Fleming

Shipston & ADDAC Match Open-2

Held At Aston Magna & Clifford Chambers Lakes

Sunday 01 September 2019

This joint league has been running for three years now and has grown in popularity with a growing list of anglers wanting to fish each year.

The two leg league got off to a flying start. 

Results at Clifford Chamber are:

1st place was Andy Bruce 104lb 10oz.

2nd place was Les Ashby with 77lb 15oz.

3rd place was Rob Taylor with 76lb 11oz.  There was a lot of other big weights as well.


Results at Aston magna are:

1st place was Pete Wedgebrow with 38lb 10oz.

2nd place was Jason Parnell with18lb 04oz.

3rd place was Tony Hunt with16lb 08oz.

    Andy Bruce               Rob Taylor               Jason Pernell             Pete Wedgebrow

League Standings- ( 18 fished the league  ):

Andy Bruce 10 points.  Pete Wedgebrow 10 points.  Les Ashby 9 points.  Jason Parnell 9 points.

Rob Taylor 8 points.  Tony Hunt 8 points.  Neil Schumann7 points.  Luke Mason 7 points.

Malcolm Allinson 6 points.  Stuart Fleming 6 points.  Graham Wheeler 5 points.

Dave Evason 5 points.  Jack Schumann 4 points.  Mick Belgrave 4 points. Pete Kilbride 3 points.

Bob Woodward 3 points.  Steve Harris 2 points. Ross Mould 2 points

Shipston L White Shield

Held At Bourton On The Water Adlestrop Lake

Saturday 24 August 2019

It was one of the hottest August days for a long time and fishing was always going to be hard going and with 15 anglers around the lake we were all going to struggle.  The results are:


1st Place was Gary Didcock with 5lb 10oz.

2nd place was Les Ashby continuing his good form with 3lb 06oz.

3rd place was Ian Harris with 2lb 13oz.

             Gary Didcock                   Les Ashby                      Ian Harris

Shipston Simon Slowther Cup

Held On The River Avon Near Stratford

Saturday 17 August 2019

After the rain on previous days the match was in doubt as to if it would be fishable, but on inspection we decided the river was ok to fish albeit a bit pacey and coloured. 

The river fished very well.  The results are: 


1st place was Stuart Fleming with 14Lbs 15Oz comprising of lots of small fish, two chub and two skimmer bream.

2nd place was Les Ashby with 9lb of mixed small fish.

3rd place wax Mick Belgrave with 8lb 02oz of bream and perch.

         Stuart Fleming                   Mick Belgrave                           Dave Dowland

Shipston On Stour Fish n Frolics

Held At Aston Magna Lake, River Stour & River Avon

Sunday 26 - 28 July 2019

Although the weekend weather was not good all the fishmen had a good time and even though the weights as you can see below were not great most fishermen caught.  The winner with 4 point was Howard Keyes, the remainer you can see below:



Howard Keyes and winning trophy

Invitation Match

Held On The River Avon AT Charlcote

Sunday 21 July 2019

This  match was an invitation match put on by the two clubs Shipston a.c and A.D.D.A.C to promote FISH'n'FROLICS FESTIVAL which starts this Friday for 3 days.  The results were:

1st place was Darren Cox representing Garbolino with a brace of barbel with 22lb. the biggest  being 11lb 12oz 

2nd Palce was Ian Winter (Sensas) with 9lb of chub

3rd place was Simon Slowther (Shipston a.c )  with 4lb 08oz.

   ​         Darren cox                      Simon Slowther          Ian Winter & Darren cox

Shipston F Smith Travel Cup

Held On The River Avon Near Stratford (The Brook)

Saturday 06 July 2019

 This was a great day out for the club with some fantastic sport, all the anglers caught well and the weights were good.  The results are as follows;


1st place was Stuart Fleming with 26lb 06oz of chub and perch caught on the pole. 2nd place was Colin Barratt with 17lb 04oz one barble plus chub caught on the lead. 3rd place was Les Ashby with 17lb of chub caught mainly on the float.

                Stuart Fleming                 Colin Barrett                        Les Ashby

Bob Taylor Memorial Match

Held Warwick

Sunday 30 June 2019

Shipston entered the Bob Taylor memorial match in Warwick, Ten teams of five anglers entered and with each team having to fish river, canal and pool this proved a refreshing change to other team competitions. Shipstons A team of Chris Hallows,  Chris Coleman,  Tony Avery, Pete Kilbride and Mick Belgrave came out winners with 40 points, Barford second with 36 points and Sensas Smithies  third with 34 points.





                Pete Kilbride, Chris Hallows, Mick Belgrave, Chirs Colin (Tony Avery 5th team member not include)

ShipstonAC  Claridge Cup

Held At Borton On The Water Lake 

Saturday 29 June 2019

This was the hottest day of the year so far and this really affected the weights.  The results are as folows:


1st Place was Rob Oakey with one bream of 7lb 11oz.

2nd place was Malcolm Allinson with one bream of 7lb 01oz.

3rd place was Steve Aston with 1lb 01oz.

                                                    Malcolm Allinson

Shipston JK Eastbury Match

Held On The River stour 

Sunday 23 June 2019

This match was held at Honington Bridge and Shipston.   The results are as follows

1st place was Colin Barratt with 25 lb 13oz from Shipston  Bridge who had to contend with a stranded dog in the river and it's owner having to rescue it, Owners really should control there dogs near the waters edge of rivers as it can be a very dangerous place for dogs and the person who tries to save it.

2nd place was Malcolm Allinson with 9lb.

3rd place was Robert Reynolds with 8lb 12oz.

                       Colin Barrett                         Bob Reynolds

Shipston Colin Barrett Cup Match

Held At Bishops Bowls 

Saturday 15 June 2019

17 anglers fished the second round of the Colin Barratt Cup at Bishops Bowl on Marshes 1 & 2 pools. The weather was horrendous with torrential rain, thunder and lightning throughout the match.  The results are:


1st Place was Stuart Fleming with 56lb 12oz of carp and chub.

2nd place was Tony Avery with 54lb 01oz.

3rd place was Chris Coleman with 50lb 04oz.

4th place was Rob Oakey with 43lb 04oz.

5th place was Gary Didcock with 40lb 06oz.

 Stuart Fleming           Colin Barrett                   Tony Avery                    Mick Belgrave

Shipston KP Eastbury Pair Match

Held At Aston Magna Lages

Saturday 01 June 2019

This was the pairs match and Rob Taylor won it outright with 23lb 02oz of bream. The pairs results are:

1st place was Rob Taylor and Colin Barratt.

2nd place was Rob Oakey and Les Ashby.

3rd was Stuart fleming and Pete Kilbride.

 Rob Taylor & Colin Barrett             Rob Taylor                                     Ken Watts

Shipston Colin Barrett Cup

Held At White Bishop's Pool

Saturday 25 May 2019

Result from Shipstons match on Saturday at Bishops Bowl.  19 Anglers fished and good weights were achieved.  Results are:


1st Place was Chris Hallows with 164 lb 07oz.

2nd place was Andy Bruce with 140lb 07oz.

3rd place was Gary Didcock with 117lb 04oz.

4th place was Nick Purdy with 79 lb 08oz.

                            Chris Hallows                    Andy Bruce

Shipston Farmer Cup Match

Held At Boddington Reservoir

Saturday 18 May 2019

This was the first away match of the year on the new 2019 Shipston club card and 14 anglers fished the match. 

1st place was Rob Oakey with 113lb 12oz.

2nd place was Stuart Fleming with 95lb 06oz which included a carp weighing in at 19lb 06oz.

3rd place was Les Ashby with 75lb.

4th place was Gary Didcock with 50lb 08oz.

5th place was Neil Schumann 49lb 08oz. 


                             Rob Oakey                      Stuart Fleming

Shipston and ADDAC Pairs Match

Held At Aston Magna and Clifford Chambers

Sunday 12 May 2019

This was the first joint pairs competition that Shipston and ADDAC had trialled and it was a great success with 16 anglers fishing on both clubs waters.

The anglers at Clifford Chambers were treated to a fantastic days sport with plenty of fish caught, the winner was Rob Oakey with 95lb 13oz.

The winner at Aston Magna was Chris Hallows with 10lb 08oz where it was a lot tougher to find the bigger fish.


The pairs was won by Chris Hallows and Andy Bruce and the runners up were Rob Oakey and Tony Brookes.  


                             Andy Bruce            Rob Oakey                      Rob Taylor

Shipston Aston Magna Tankard/Paul Geden Cup

Held At Aston Magna

Saturday 27 April 2019

Saturday was the fourth and final round of the Aston Magna Tankard series. Results are.

1st Place was Les Ashby with 12lb of bream.

2nd Place was Andy Bruce with 9lb 13oz also of bream. 

3rd Place was Tony Avery with 7lb 09oz of silver fish.


The overall winner of the league was Les Ashby.  The top ten finishers were:

1st place was Les Ashby with 30 points.

2nd place was Dave  Evason with 27 points.

3rd place was Stuart  Fleming with 26 points.

4th place was Andy  Bruce with 24 points.

5th place was Tony  Avery with 23 points. 

6th place = was Rob Oakey  with 15 points, (joint 6th higher weight caught overall).

6th place = was Gary Didcock with 15 points.

8th place was Colin Barratt with 11 points.

9th place = was Robert Reynolds with 9 points, (joint 9th higher weight caught overall).

9th Place = was Phil Outram 9 points.

Les Ashby                Les Ashby            Tony Avery                           Group Photo

With Trophy

Shipston Aston Magna Tankard/Paul Geden Cup

Held At Aston Magna

Saturday 20 April 2019

This was the third round of the Aston Magna Tankard league series.  Results Are:

1st Place was Andy Bruce with 18lb 01oz made up of bream and rudd.

2nd Place was Les Ashby came with 11lb 12oz.

3rd Place was Colin Barratt with 11lb.

4th Place was Stuart Fleming with 10lb 05oz.

5th Place was Robert Reynolds with 8lb 07oz.

Dave Evason is leading the league still with 22 points, Stuart Fleming and Les Ashby are joint second with 20 points, Andy Bruce  and Tony Avery are tied in fourth place with 15 points, Rob Oakey sixth with 14 points. The fourth and last round is next Saturday.


                      Andy Bruce       Colin Barrett      Les Ashby


Shipston Aston Magna Tankard/Paul Geden Cup

Held At Aston Magna

Sunday 31 March 2019

This is the first match on the new Shipston and District angling club fixture card and also the first round of the Aston Magna Tankard series contest.

19 anglers fished and everyone caught, the carp didn't feed but luckily the silver fish were there to be caught.  Results are:

1st place was Stuart Fleming won with 24 lb 08oz of bream and rudd.

2nd place was Dave Evason with a remarkable 11lb 02oz of gudgeon

3rd place was Gary Didcot with 8lb 11oz. Dace.

4th place was Dave Hudson with 8lb 08oz. 

The next round is next Saturday.  Shipston club cards are now available from 1st April

       Stuart Fleming   Dave Everson      Rob Oakey       Dave Hudson

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